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Do not use Hand Dryers

  Do not use hand dryers to dry your hands.  Yap, that's what Suzy Cohen recommends in her writing "Wash your hands, but don't use hand dryers!"  Although she mentions "several scientific studies", she does not list any references to the actual studies.

One actual study done by the Mayo Clinic has some good data on hand dryers and paper towels.  Read the full article here Mayo Clinic Hygiene Report.

Part of the hand washing process is the drying.  Hand dryers or paper towels as a part of the process, removes additional germs.  In other words, there are germs and/or bacteria left on your hands after washing with soap and water.  Drying yours hands with paper towel or electric hand dryers remove even more from your hands, actually making them cleaner.

But do not take our word for it or anyone else's for that matter, read for your self.

Mayo Clinic Hygiene Report




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